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Engineer / Mohamed Ahmed G Al-Ali Alghamdi

Chairman of Board of Directors

Engineer / Saeed Mohammed G Aleal Alghamdi

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ali Ahmed Gharamllah Aleal Alghamdi

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. / Gharamllah Salih Gharamllah Aleal Alghamidi

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Saeed Ahmed fined Allah Aleal Alghamdi

Board Member / Managing Director

Mr. Saeed Ahmed Alghamdi

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ali Ahmed Alghamdi

Vice President

Mr. Ahmed Ali Khader

Assistant to the President for Finance

Professor / Al-Saeed Mukhtar Abdel-Dayem

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ahmed Shaker Al-Haddad

Internal Audit Manager

Mr. Hisham Jaafar Al-Hassan

Human Resources Manager

Engineer / Muhammad Yahya Al-Ramadi

IT department manager

Mr. Zakaria G Alghannam

Office Manager